Cleansing the Chakras

Regardless of where we were born, everyone has a skeleton with the exact same number of bones. In the same way, we all share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. Before proceeding, you may want to look at the diagram to see the location of the chakras in relation to the physical body.

The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. The chakras are swirling disks of energy that spin three to four inches outside the body and link to our spine and central nervous system. The chakras are a direct pipeline to the human neural network. They rotate clockwise, in the same direction that the spiral arms of the galaxy revolve. Each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colors of the rainbow. The chakras in a newborn child display their pure color, from red in the first chakra to violet in the seventh. As we grow older the color in our chakras becomes dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. The sludge that adheres to the chakras does not permit them to vibrate at their pure frequency, and physical aging is accelerated. When the chakras are cleared they spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again.

chakrasWe clear the chakras so that the toxic energy accumulated through our lives as a result of trauma does not keep the luminous body earthbound. The more cleansing that is done the better. Legend and lore tells us that we must go back to all the places we have loved or experienced pain, until we can come to closure. Not clearing this toxic energy will hinder us from going across to the other side. We still experience the emotions, the pain, but they do not shackle us. The cleansing process combusts the toxic energy in the chakras and erases imprints from the Luminous Energy Field. This alleviates the difficulty of the life review process in the Spirit world as most of the charge has been drained from emotional memories. Our intention in cleansing the chakras is to set the luminous body free.

It is essential that you obtain your loved one’s permission before cleansing the chakras or performing any part of the Death Rites. You do not have to be specific, but simply an offering of your help. The shaman, Alberto Villoldo, tells the story of once working with a friend’s father who had given him permission to pray with him. Every time he closed his eyes to pray, he would grasp Alberto’s hand and be asleep within minutes. As Alberto finished cleansing each chakra, the dying man would wake up and tell him how restfully he had slept, or how he had dreamed. Alberto taught his friend how to perform the Final Rites on his father who passed away peacefully during his sleep. The element of permission honors and invites the dying person’s participation in these rites and empowers the process.

When a person is dying the energetic body is so willing to heal. Everything is loosened up and ready for healing. As you cleanse the sludge that is stuck in the chakras you allow them to break free from the grip of time itself. Use your intent in cleansing each chakra to set the luminous body free.

It is important to note, that you will probably not be able to cleanse all seven chakras in one session. The process is a lengthy one and may be done over time. You can work on multiple chakras at the same time, depending on the amount of time you have available. We suggest you work with one or two chakras, starting with the first chakra. Do not be afraid that you will pick up any toxic residues adhering to the person’s chakras, as these are combusted and turned into light. The process happens at an energetic level and negative energies do not surface as anger or resentments.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone but we work with it above the pubic bone. Place your hand over the first chakra, about two inches away from the skin. Cleanse the chakra by slowly spinning your hand counterclockwise. Imagine your body as the face of a clock and your fingers as the hands. Explore the inside of this funnel of light and sense the toxic energy flowing out and into the earth. When this funnel of light seems to stream clear, spin the chakra in its natural direction by slowly turning your hand clockwise about ten times.

As time allows, go through the same cleansing process with the other chakras, working your way up the body. The second chakra is located four fingers below the navel, the third, at the solar plexus, the fourth at the center of the chest, and fifth at the hollow of the throat. The sixth chakra, known as the third eye, is located in the middle of the forehead, and the seventh at the very top of the head.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea that you must help accomplish a lifetime of healing in a few days. Remember though, that it is never too late for healing and your participation may be one of your most powerful life experiences. With the immediacy of death comes the realization that we have no time to waste. According to a Roman Catholic priest, that’s why a death-bed confession is likely to be the most sincere one of a lifetime.

When the chakras are cleansed, each center vibrates at its natural frequency, and you radiate the seven colors of the rainbow. The Amazon shamans believe that when all the chakras are clear, you acquire a “rainbow body.” According to legend, when you acquire the rainbow body you can make the journey beyond death to the Spirit world. You are able to assist others in their healing, and you can die consciously since you already know the way back home. The jungle shamans believe death is a great predator that stalks each and every one of us. They say that many illnesses are caused by the death that festers within us, slowly diminishing our life force. These medicine people believe that death claims us little by little, until one day we realize that we are more dead than alive. This happens to many persons, and is rampant in America today. When your chakras are clear you are no longer stalked by death—you are claimed by life.

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