Steps of the Death Rites


Death is the ultimate journey of liberation. We want to complete our unfinished business and be prepared to enter infinity. We want to take the steps to journey home as cleanly as possible. Shortly before death, the doorway between the worlds opens. The shaman believes that forty hours after the last breath this portal shuts down. The soul then has to travel through all the planes where those who have not died consciously go to purge.

Maps show us the way, describing the terrain and giving directions. In Western culture there are not many maps for after we die. Most of these maps have been drawn on brief visits during near-death experiences. The shamans of Tibet and the Americas, however, have mapped the landscape beyond death in great detail.

The easy steps described in this next section are the shamanic rituals which allow us to die consciously.

We recommend this work be done in sacred space, a healing sphere that is pure, holy and safe.

Recapitulation- The Life Review – and Forgiveness
Cleansing of Chakras
Death Rites to go on the journey