The Luminous Energy Field

In order to talk about the journey of death it helps to understand the Luminous Energy Field. It is that essence or soul part of us that we all possess. It survives death and experiences infinity.

The Luminous Energy Field is shaped like a doughnut with a narrow axis or tunnel (called a torus), less than molecule thick, in the center. It is perceived as an aura of energy and light that surrounds and informs our physical body. Imagine you are enveloped by a translucent, multicolored bubble of light that extends about the width of your outstretched arms and down into the earth about a foot. Just above your skin streams of golden light shimmer and flow through the body’s acupuncture meridians. These energy meridians are analogous to the circulatory system inside the body.

energy_field1There is a continual flow to the Luminous Energy Field. As well as flowing clockwise around the body there is also a vertical flow up and down through the spinal cord and down into the earth, reentering the body through the feet.

The Luminous Energy Field has four layers extending outward from the body: Causal (Spirit), Psychic (soul), Mental-emotional (mind) and Physical (body). In the outermost layer is the membrane or “skin.”     It serves as a defensive cocoon in the same way the skin does as a protective membrane of the body.

The Luminous Energy Field is a reservoir of vital force—a sea of living energy as indispensable to our health as the oxygen and nutrients carried by the bloodstream. These energies are the purest and most precious fuel for life. When the vital reserves are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease. We can ensure our health and vitality and extend our active, healthy years by replenishing this essential fuel.

The Luminous Energy Field at the Time of Death

At the time of death the soul prepares for its great journey home. When the brain shuts down, the electromagnetic field surrounding the body dissolves and the Luminous Energy Field—or soul—then begins to disengage from the body. Through time the Luminous Energy Field can become clouded with dark pools of toxic energy from unprocessed, negative emotions. In this case, the death process can become prolonged. The steps of the Death Rites show us how to cleanse the Luminous Energy Field through the chakra system so it becomes clear and can glow again with light. (See Cleansing the Chakras).

energy_field2When the Luminous Energy Field is ready to disengage, the eighth chakra envelops the other seven chakras and forms an egg–shaped orb. This orb then travels through the central axis of the luminous body to become one with Spirit again. It is much like a doughnut squeezing through its own hole. This hole is the dark passageway often reported by those who have had a near-death experience. This passage of  the golden orb occurs very quickly once the Luminous Energy Field disengages from the physical body.

According to the Eastern scriptures, the aperture through which the soul leaves the body indicates the course of its journey after death. It will exit through the chakra most commensurate with the soul’s level of development. The soul of one who has become united with the Supreme Consciousness in this life exits through a tiny aperture in the crown of the head. This soul has achieved immortality and has no need to return to earth.

Universality of the Luminous Energy Field

Indian and Tibetan mystics who documented the existence of the Luminous Energy Field thousands of years ago described it as an aura or halo around the physical body. In the East, mandalas depict the Buddha enveloped by blue and gold bands of fire. In the West, Christ and the Apostles are shown with luminous halos around them. In the mystical literature, the Apostle Thomas is said to have glowed with the same radiance as Christ. Native American legends speak of persons who shimmered in the night as if lit by an inner fire. The Andean storytellers recall the ruler Pachacutek, considered to be a Child of the Sun, who sparkled with the light of the dawn.