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Learn the Dying Consciously Steps First Hand

Regardless of culture, religion, and spirituality, the struggles, fears, and concerns at the end of life are essentially the same: fear of the unknown, reluctance to leave behind loved ones, and a desire to cling to life. We share the world’s ancient/traditional death rites that honor these universal themes that transcend culture and spirituality.

We offer a four (4) day training program, Living and Dying Consciously; Tools and Applications, which can be brought into your organization or facility. Individuals will learn through lecture and extensive experiential exercises, how to assist another to die with grace and dignity. You will learn the great death rites practiced by the ancient traditions that provide specific steps to bring reconciliation, healing, and psychological and emotional closure both to the loved ones and to the person dying. All proceeds go to the Institute of Energy Medicine.

We invite you to look further into The Greatest Journey and see how we can help bring these important skills to your hospital, bereavement support groups and organizations, hospice nurses and volunteers, and any other applicable associations.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming class, or would like more information about the classes, you can e-mail Luz at , phone her at 435-647-5988, or visit the Four Winds web site at