The Great Death Spiral


The Final Rites are performed after the person has died. You release the luminous body and seal the chakras immediately after death so that it does not reenter the physical shell or become contaminated by the energy residues in the body. Imagine that you are making a great spiral with the heart as its center as you follow these steps. Consult the diagram provided to perform these rites accurately. The video presents a clear and helpful demonstration of this process as well.

  1. Open sacred space, calling in the four directions, Heaven, and Earth.
  2. Expand your luminous body over yourself and your loved one.
    The doubly sacred space protects your loved one from disruptive outside energies.
  3. After your loved one stops breathing, disengage the chakras.
    Ideally this step should be performed immediately after the person passes, and in any case no later than forty hours after the final breath. Immediately after death the chakras begin to release the luminous threads that once connected them to events from the past. The rhythm of the chakras changes and you can feel the frequency and vibration of each chakra increase. They begin to disengage from the body but can be hampered by the sludge within them. If this is the case, the rites of the Great Spiral will assist in loosening the chakras and setting the luminous body free. Because the energy in the chakras is changing very rapidly, we disengage them following the arc of a spiral, with the heart at the center. Each chakra must be spun counter–clockwise. This is done by placing your hand over your loved one’s heart chakra, spinning your fingers counterclockwise three or four times to unwind this center. Continue the same process at the solar plexus, then the throat, next the second chakra, then the sixth, next the root chakra, and last the crown in the steps described below.
  4. Draw an arc of spiral with your hand as you move to the third chakra or solar plexus, repeating the procedure described above.
    When you have unwound the third chakra, go back to the heart, feel that chakra, and retrace the arc of a spiral down to the third and up to the throat chakra.
  5. Repeat with each chakra, returning to the heart after you disengage each energy center.
    The last chakra that you release will be the crown. By this time you will have drawn a great spiral over the person’s body multiple times. Your loved one’s luminous body may exit through any one of these seven chakras—not always through the crown chakra. It will naturally be drawn to the one most ready for the journey. NOTE: In most cases, the luminous body exits immediately after the chakras have been disengaged and it becomes unnecessary to perform the next two steps before the final sealing of the chakras.
  6. If necessary, push energy through your loved one’s feet to “nudge” the luminous body free.
    Place the palms of your hands on the soles of your loved one’s feet, so that your right palm is resting on his left sole, and vice versa. Visualize energy gushing out of your hands into his body. The Luminous Energy Field sometimes adheres to the chakras even after they have been unwound and this step helps it break free from the body.
  7. If necessary, draw out the luminous body.
    Move to the person’s head and cradle it in your hands. Hold the head gently for a few moments, letting her know that it’s okay to let go. Let your loved one know that you will be fine and that you love her. Remember that your loved one can still hear you, so speak these words softly yet firmly. Draw your hands back, exerting gentle pressure on the head, and draw out the luminous body through the crown chakra. You will feel a tremendous surge of energy as the Luminous Energy Field becomes free of the body.
  8. In performing this final step, you will seal the chakras by making the sign of a cross over each center with your thumb.
    Sealing the chakras keeps the luminous body from returning to a lifeless physical form. You can use holy water or an essential oil for this. Remember that the sign of a cross is more ancient than Christianity. It represents the sealing of a doorway into a physical body that will never be used again. In the Christian traditions one finds a similar practice associated with the last rites, except that the meaning of these rites has largely been forgotten. The priest is unlikely to be aware that he may be trapping the person’s Luminous Energy Field within the physical body, binding spirit to matter in a lifeless shell.

Click HERE for the diagram illustrating the steps of The Great Spiral.

Spirit Flight, The Symbolic Journey aves

The Spirit Flight or disengaging of the charkas can be practiced over time to loosen the luminous body from the physical body and teach the luminous body Spirit Flight. This is a symbolic journey beyond death with the intent of returning to the physical body. Practice the Great Spiral on the dying person, going through the steps as previously presented. Loosen each chakra and nudge the luminous body out through the head. You may need to encourage the luminous body to stay out as it naturally will be drawn back into the the physical body it had adhered to for so long. After three to five minutes bring it back in over the physical body like a blanket and use the same Great Spiral to re–engage each chakra. This time, however, you will be spinning the chakras clockwise. The practice of symbolic dying can help prepare your loved one for the Spirit Flight from which there is no return.

The Veils Between Worlds

It is important to remember the veils between the worlds are very thin for those dying. They may talk or interact with loved ones who have already died or crossed over. One of our students shared the story of his stepfather who was dying and had not been speaking or interacting with any family members for several days. To listen for any sound during the night, a baby monitor had been placed in his room. The Student was awakened at about 3:00 in the morning by the voice of his stepfather having a dialog with his deceased wife of over 25 years. He was clearly telling her he would see her soon.

The dying person may want to join loved ones on the other side, and would welcome your encouragement “to go back to the light.” Even when the veil between worlds becomes thin, the senses can remain keen and the dying person will hear you.

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