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Two Binding Forces — Glues


Two Glues

The Luminous Body has two binding forces or glues that keep it connected to the physical body: the electromagnetic field and the chakra system.

1) Electromagnetic field 

The electromagnetic field is the primary glue that holds the luminous body to the physical body. It surrounds the body and is generated by electrical activity of the the nervous system.  If the spinal nerves were laid down end-to-end, they would create a single strand that would wrap around the globe three times. The Right-Hand Rule determines the direction of the magnetic field as it revolves clockwise around the body. The human energy field is a mirror of the Earth's magnetic field which streams out of the North Pole and circumnavigates the planet to reenter again through the South Pole. The torus of high energy particles trapped by the Earth’s magnetic field is called the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

The electromagnetic field dissolves when the electrical activity in the brain ceases– and the human aura is then no longer present.

This does not mean, however, that the luminous body therefore detaches and journeys back to Spirit.  Shortly before death, the doorway between the worlds opens and it is believed that this portal shuts down 40 hours after the last breath. For this reason, many earth traditions require that the physical body not be moved or touched for 40 hours in order for the luminous body to complete its journey home. 

2) The Chakra SystemAlex Grey painting

The chakra system is the second glue which secures the Luminous Energy Field to the spinal column.  The chakras are like giant screws that holds the luminous body to the physical body.  As death approaches the chakras loosen and the luminous body breaks free from the physical body. The 8th chakra expands to the shape of a translucent egg, holding all 7 chakras within it and exits through the crown chakra or any one of the chakras. The 8th chakra is the “source of the sacred”—or wiracocha—and is unaffected by the death of the body. It is the architect of the body and when set free goes about its business of creating a new body. It will shed the identity of this life to form another as many times as necessary until it no longer identifies with physical form but is defined by infinity.

There can be a glow to this golden orb hours after death and it is possible that it may stay connected to the physical body even after burial. During the Final Rites we seal the chakras to prevent the soul from reattaching itself to the corpse. If the physical body is cremated before the luminous body disengages, it may haunt the places or people to which it had an attachment.
(Detail, Alex Grey Painting—used with permission © Alex Grey website: