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In Conclusion, Death as an Ally 

In presenting this material, one of the key elements is the importance of not putting off the process of saying the “I love yous” or the “I forgive yous” in our lives.  We need to resolve our unfinished business and go on our own personal healing journey.  Then we can make death our ally. image

Death as an ally gives us a unique perspective of life, keeping our priorities straight and our life in balance. We want to experience the healing of symbolic deaths versus a literal death whenever possible. They come to us throughout life in the form of loss, such as serious illness.  Many clients say that cancer has been their wake-up call to claim life. We may also know individuals who have chosen to die rather than change their circumstances or systems. In the Western world we don’t know “how” to let something die with grace and beauty.  We have lost the way to let go of those parts of our lives that fail to serve us and make it impossible to rebirth a new job or a new relationship, a new physical body or a new life. When we experience a symbolic death, we are re-informed about what is really important in life, motivating the changes necessary for a peaceful death in the end.

It is important to learn how to cleanse the toxic, negative energies from our Luminous Energy Field now because we never know when death will knock at our door. In order to help loved ones through the dying process, it is important that we have gone through it ourselves on a symbolic level. Do a recapitulation of our life, seeing it in detail. Heal our unfinished business.  Let emotions wash through us and allow our lives to be held at the spiritual or energetic level, not the personal. It can be helpful to go through an enactment of our own deathbed scene, as we envision it, with a group of close friends.

Death is only a doorway and this doorway must be experienced to understand it. To simply read about it, is not sufficient.  We must know the experience symbolically in order to help sit with another who is at her final crossing, or letting go and rebirthing a new life.  When we realize death can be our ally, by allowing us to be fully present in life, we become pillars of calm in the middle of the storm of life.  We understand the steps to death and rebirth.